Neila's sister Moka has puppies!

11. 05.2010. Moka gave birth to 7 puppies. So in the whelping box are 3 correct boys, 2 correct girls and 2 multiple crowns.
No kinked tails, gorgeus color and no DS so far. More info:

If you are interested in a puppy from MOKA & CUBO or learning more about the breed, please contact them by
phone +371 26223290, Ieva or by email at


That's a life!

So this day should be Neila's second week of pregnancy. In the beginning of June we will do an echoskopy to make sure she's pregnant.

Neila became sooo lazy and sleepy, I allways have to make her go outside.

And that's a LIFE!...you are sleeping on bed, eating a lot, then sleeping and eating... ech :-))


Neila's grandkids from America!!

We are VERY proud that Neila has such a beautiful grandkids around the World! They are from Isis (Votre Amour Auksinis Feniksas) and Lennox (Paradigm Aariel's Undisputed). Info in Dykumos Deive's website.




New photos of Neila

As this weekend was very sunny and warm, I decided to make a little photosession of Neila. Still trying to be friends with camera's color settings lol! But here is the results:

Here we are!

So here we are... Our new blog! Hope this one will be updated more than my website :D