Last days


We are counting the last days till puppies birth... So exciting!!! Little Neila's and Jukati's should born on this weekend. Today we bought all things we should probably need and what we could do now is just wait!


Few more weeks to go...

Puppies should born around 7th July. What could be better than warmth and sun?? Next week we will try to build "whelping box".

And this is some pictures from yesterday:


34-35 day of pregnancy!

Neila is absolutely pregnant. You should know how pregnant women is behaving :D She's is eating very well and spending more time sleeping in the sun. And..... don't like to photograph at all!!!


Neila is PREGNANT!!!

Today is a good day :-)) we have done an ultrasound and the result - Neila is pregnant :) we saw 4 puppies and more. In this photo you can see only one puppy, but there are more :-)