2 weeks

On friday puppies became 2 weeks old. Now they are walking and even trying to play with each other :))
Mr. Green

Mr. Red

Mr. White

Mr. Yellow

Mr. Black

Mr. Blue

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  1. Congratulatons from Me and Beaudor(son of Noldor and neveu of Jukati).
    Wish this litter was 1 year later,we love to have a 2th R.R but now is to soon with our little rebel.
    It's the love of our life such a clown like his father and also some tricks from his Mom Ijaba LOl.
    Big Hug,
    Marja and Beaudor

  2. Wow! The photos are wonderful..they are all going to grow so quickly...was I really that small?
    Congratulations from Ridgeback Zola in France.